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From crossing counties to crossing the country... At TdB we love to 'play bikes'. Look for upcoming gravel, singletrack, and road cycling events.

Sylacauga ,'The Marble City' is full of history, along with the worlds purest Marble. History from DeSoto's Exploration, The Upper Creek Territory, The Civil War to the Hodges Meteorite. 

Located within 2 miles of Sylaward Trail, Lake Howard, bordering the Talladega National Forest. We are near the Pinhoti Trail and Mt. Cheaha. Hiking, Cycling, Camping...Outdoor Adventure is in all directions.

What is Tour de Bicycling?

In June 2018, Stephen Peters joined a crew for Seana Hogan and her Race Across America record. The small town guy from Alabama and Seana from California realized they have a common dream. TdB is for cyclists.... short rides, adventure rides, gravel rides, cross country rides. TdB is ready to challenge riders getting ready for Ultra Cycling races such as the Race Across America. Tour de Bicycling gives cyclist a chance to have a 'crew' as they enjoy tour rides across the States. Tour de Bicycling isn't a tour, or a training camp, or a race.....


TdB is about cycling. 

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