Dependable Communication Specifically 

Designed for Ultra Endurance Cyclists and Support Crew

The Vertix Ultra is the result of Vertix Global, highly experienced Crew Chief-Pat Enright, Racer-Seana Hogan,and Crew Chief-Stephen Peters.

Together they created a system specifically for the Race Across America in 2019.

Durable, Reliable, Easy to Use, and Unmatched Sound Clarity....

a few things that separate the Vertix Ultra cycling radio system. 



Charge on the Go

(2,000mah battery pack adds up to 20 +hrs)


No-Contact Design

 Crystal Clear Sound and

Wind-noise Cancelling


Ultra Race Tested

Ultra Race Approved

Custom Designed

for Rider and Crew

Easy Setup 

Simple and Reliable

Add more range with

2nd vehicle w/Vertix

Ultra Communication

for Ultra Cycling

Includes rider and vehicle set. Rider set includes over ear speaker and  USB cable for easy battery pack charging on the go. Vehicle set includes exterior mount and wiring for constant power (using USB source)

Includes standard mic/headphone

3.5mm audio for vehicle stereo/speaker


Includes the Vertix Ultra system and an additional Radio Unit for crew members constantly getting out of vehicle. Can be used for better range. The crew can walk to the crest of a hill and allow the vehicle and rider to communicate without terrain interference. This can also be used for team racers. 


+ Crew

For those who are tired of shouting or not being able to hear navigation instructions or race updates. Riders need to stay in contact with the nearby crew in the follow vehicle.

VERTIX will reconnect when approaching your rider and it will stay connected with a long range of up to a mile in unrestricted terrain.

Request for water, food, route info, have conversations keeping you awake throughout the night, all in a durable and easy to set-up and and use package.


Have clear conversations with the support vehicle descending over 40 mph or during windy/stormy conditions across the Great Plains. 

VERTIX Ultra is designed for the Ultra Racer, and the Ultra Crew.

Seana Hogan racing in the HooDoo 500 

with the Vertix Ultra keeping her

and the crew in contact during the race. 

Jen Orr racing in the 24hr Worlds RAAM Qualifier.

Jenn used the Vertix Ultra for her 2019

Race Across the West, she finished

overall 1st place.  

Includes the Vertix Ultra system and additional Support Vehicle Set with exterior mount and wiring. Designed for a second support vehicle to be ready for crew changes or roadside emergency. This allows two vehicles to communicate while in range with the rider and each other. Team Racers may find this helpful. Add a few individual Vertix Velo Radios to the riders and up to 4 radios can always be connected at once. Updates to allow more radio connections are coming soon! 


+ Vehicle

Still not sure if the Vertix Ultra is right for you and the crew?


"The best communications ever! Excellent range, wind noise cancellation, and clear sound! Amazingly, it connects automatically when the units are in range.”

-Seana Hogan

6 time RAAM winner

"As a crew member, I have crossed the finish line in Annapolis 3 times. I can honestly say this device was a game changer. I found the Vertix, together we built something specifically for the Worlds Toughest Cycling Race.  We used one set the entire Race Across America in 2019. It made an incredible difference. Once we had everything set up, the only thing we had to worry about was changing battery packs out every 20+ hrs after the Vertix notifies the rider of a low battery. " 

-Stephen Peters

-RAAM and Ultra Cycling Crew/CrewChief

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Stephen Peters