Dependable Communication 

Built for Ultra Endurance Cyclists and Support Crew

This specific system was designed with the ideas from crew members, a RAAM champion, and the VERTIX Global team. 

Together, VERTIX has designed an Ultra Endurance professional communication system with the support crew/vehicle in mind. Experience clarity, ease of use, dependable communication with the VERTIX Ultra. 

Customized crew set features

-Vehicle Mount for exterior/allows for best connection and range

-Headset with remote switch (mic on/off)

-USB Port for adding battery pack or USB in vehicle

Customized rider sets includes

-Hovering over-ear Speaker for comfort. 

-Mic attaches to helmet strap for comfort 

-Extreme Weather Ready

-USB Port for adding battery pack (charge while using) 

-Additional 3.5AUX port for vehicle audio or speaker input

-Optional package includes 3rd set for vehicles, and more

For those who are tired of shouting or not being able to hear navigation instructions or race updates. Riders need to stay in contact with the nearby crew in the follow vehicle. VERTIX will reconnect when approaching your rider and it will stay connected with a long range of up to a mile in unrestricted terrain. Request for water, food, route info, have conversations keeping you awake throughout the night, all in a durable and easy to set and and use package. Have clear conversations with the support van descending at 40mph.

VERTIX Ultra is designed for the Ultra Racer, and the Ultra Crew.


Includes rider and vehicle set. Rider set includes over ear speaker and  USB cable for easy battery pack charging on the go. Vehicle set includes exterior mount and wiring for constant power (using USB source)

Includes standard mic/headphone

3.5mm audio for vehicle stereo/speaker



Ultra Plus

Includes 'Ultra' package with an additional unit. Wiring and headset  included.

Designed for crew members outside of vehicle, or use for 2nd vehicle.  (2nd vehicle mount not included)




Includes 'Ultra'  package with an additional vehicle set with mounts/wiring included. Perfect for riders with two support vehicles or media crew.



Seana Hogan racing in the HooDoo 500 

with the Vertix Ultra keeping her

and the crew in contact during the race.