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6 Days Of Riding

In Texas Hill Country... and we mean right in middle of it.

This is not a large group ride, or a fancy tour.

Lodging , Routes and a SAG van are the only 'fancy fixins' you get. The Texas Chainring Mania is great for Ultra Cyclists who want to train or suffer more after doing the Texas RAAM Challenge or the new Bull Gravel Grind. Or if you just want to try out the Mania without racing.

Come ride with us following the race, and join us if you didn't race. All riders who want to be Maniacs are welcome. There is limited space so get your space booked! Look for updates for more rides with TdB.

About 100 miles a day. (Shorter Routes will be available each day)
Routes and a 'SAG van' and lodging are included with your purchase.

Here's a look at 6 days of Texas Chainring Mania

Tuesday March 31 -108.5 miles +3680 ft
Wednesday April 1- 126.9 miles +6471 ft
Thursday April 2 - 110.8 miles +3953 ft
Friday April 3 - 98.0 miles +3500 ft
Saturday April 4 - 116.2 miles +6643 ft
Sunday April 5 - 95.4 miles +4390 ft

Think You Can Handle It? Add it to a Texas RAAM 500 finish and take the challenge to another level.

We provide routes for 100+mi loops daily. Shorter 'out and back' options are available.
GPX Files and Cuesheets will be given to participants, riders are responsible for being able to navigate the course.

SAG will be leapfrogging, but is not responsible for marking turns or giving directions...
Don't Worry, SAG won't leave you behind, and he will help you.

2 Beds in each cabin, cabins will fill soon.
Each cabin has a full bath and kitchen. You can try the local restaurants out (not many)
Provide your own meals, we will take advantage of the kitchens and outdoor grills for post ride stories, or cramp complaints.

6 days - $80.00 per day/night
3-5 days - $100.00 per day/night
1-3 days - $120.00per day/night

Contact TdB on Facebook or Email for more info!

Contact TdB

Thanks for checking out TdB! Expect an Email from us soon!

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